We generally only do TFP/TFCD work with over 18s however our other services include portriture indoor or out of under 18s with with a concent form filled in and signed by parent or gaurdian.

Donna Lewis


Softpixel Photography: TFP Outdoor Model Shoots for Male and Female Models (18+ Only)

Are you an aspiring male or female model looking to enhance your portfolio with captivating outdoor photographs? Softpixel Photography offers TFP (Time for Print) model shoots by arrangement, exclusively conducted in outdoor locations. This is an opportunity for models aged 18 and above to collaborate with a talented photographer and create stunning images amidst natural surroundings.

About Softpixel Photography:

Softpixel Photography  are renowned photographers dedicated to capturing the beauty, uniqueness, and individuality of their subjects. With a passion for creating stunning outdoor imagery and a commitment to professionalism, Softpixel Photography ensures a comfortable and creative environment for model shoots. Their goal is to collaborate closely with models to bring their visions to life and produce captivating photographs amidst the beauty of nature.

TFP Outdoor Model Shoots:

TFP (Time for Print) model shoots conducted by Softpixel Photography exclusively take place in outdoor locations. These shoots provide an opportunity for models to enrich their portfolios, explore creative concepts, and gain valuable experience while working with an experienced photographer in the midst of natural scenery.

Requirements and Guidelines:

  1. Age Requirement: Softpixel Photography’s TFP model shoots are exclusively for models who are 18 years or older. Proof of age may be required.
  2. Professionalism and Respect: Softpixel Photography maintains a professional and respectful environment during all model shoots. Models can expect a comfortable and safe experience while collaborating with the team in outdoor settings and are encouraged to bring a chaperone along with them although not a requirement.
  3. Concept Development: Softpixel Photography encourages models to contribute their ideas and preferences for the shoot. Open communication and collaboration ensure that the shoot aligns with the model’s vision and goals, taking advantage of the unique outdoor locations.
  4. Model Release Agreement: Prior to the shoot, a model release agreement will be provided. This document outlines the usage rights and permissions related to the photographs taken during the TFP shoot.
  5. Portfolio Building: Softpixel Photography will provide a selection of edited images from the TFP outdoor shoot for models to use in their portfolios, enabling them to showcase their talent and versatility against the backdrop of nature.

Booking and Contact Information:

To arrange a TFP outdoor model shoot with Softpixel Photography, please visit our contact page. The Softpixel team will be delighted to discuss your ideas, answer any questions you may have, and schedule a shoot that aligns with your availability and desired outdoor location.

Please note that all TFP model shoots by Softpixel Photography are exclusively for individuals who are 18 years or older and are conducted outdoors only.

Elevate Your Portfolio with Softpixel Photography’s TFP Outdoor Model Shoots:

If you’re an aspiring male or female model aged 18 or above, Softpixel Photography offers TFP outdoor model shoots that provide a collaborative and creative platform to enhance your portfolio. Collaborate with the talented team at Softpixel Photography, embrace the beauty of outdoor locations, and create stunning images that will elevate your modelling career.

Contact Softpixel Photography today to discuss your ideas and arrange a TFP outdoor model shoot that showcases your talent against the breathtaking backdrop of nature!


A TFP contract, also known as a TFCD (Time for CD) contract, is an agreement between a photographer and a model or other creative collaborators. The purpose of a TFP arrangement is for all parties involved to collaborate on a project and exchange their time and skills without monetary compensation. Instead, the model receives copies of the images (traditionally in print format, hence the term “Time for Print”) or digital files (hence “Time for CD”) as compensation.

A contract will be sent to you for you to sign and return before the arrangement can proceed.

TFP is subject to our availability…

However please do not hesitate to enquire.

My Terms

Should you request a TFP/TFCD shoot and we accept then it is for the model to arrange clothing style and to arrange MUA or do there own.

When the time place and date is arranged you must keep to it unless it is for a very good reason, if you cant attend you must give 24 hours notice at least. I can if requested travel anywhere in scotland however a deposit which will be refunded as soon as the shoot is complete and full travel expence would be expected, the same would apply if you wished to be picked up for the shoot.

any parties involved  will recieve fully processed images in digital format for use in their portfolio and cannot be used for publishing for profit i.e, Magazine publishing but can be used for self promotion such as a social media, agency, website, posters. any other use then you must ask concent.

if you wish full user rights then payment for my time would apply.